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The risks of paraquat exposure have been known for decades — but companies kept using the highly toxic herbicide anyway, prioritizing their profit over your health.

The Lidji Firm can help you determine what legal options might be open to you and fight to secure the compensation you may be entitled to. We can help you determine your eligibility and work with you through the legal process, hopefully leading to a paraquat settlement.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s after potentially being exposed to paraquat — either on the job or simply at home, if you live near a farm — call The Lidji Firm today at (800) 223-7455 or submit a free case review.

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Paraquat Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to file a paraquat lawsuit?

The best way to determine if you may be eligible to file a paraquat lawsuit is to get a free legal evaluation from a top paraquat law firm. As a national law firm with over 40 years of legal experience, The Lidji Firm has helped thousands of clients across the country get the compensation they deserve, and may be able to help you too.

We can help you determine your eligibility — get a free case review today.

Why should I file a paraquat lawsuit?

There are many reasons to file a lawsuit if you’re suffering as a result of being exposed to paraquat.

Paraquat lawsuits can help you:

  • Secure compensation to cover medical bills and other expenses
  • Hold the companies that exposed you to paraquat responsible
  • Spread awareness of the dangers associated with paraquat, which helps others at risk

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after working on or living near a commercial farm, you may be eligible to file a paraquat lawsuit.

How do I prove I was exposed to paraquat?

Paraquat exposure may be easier to prove in some cases than in others. For instance, if you’ve worked on an industrial farm in the past, you may already be familiar with the pesticides you were exposed to. But if you just happened to live near a commercial farm, you may be completely unaware of what toxic chemicals you’ve inadvertently been exposed to.

This is where a paraquat law firm with a proven track record can help. If you’ve lived near an industrial farm or worked on one and have since been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, our paraquat attorneys may be able to help you prove your case.

Contact The Lidji Firm today to learn your options.

Paraquat exposure may be easier to prove in some cases than in others. For instance, if you’ve worked on an industrial farm in the past, you may already be familiar with the pesticides you were exposed to. But if you just happened to live near a commercial farm, you may be completely unaware of what toxic chemicals you’ve inadvertently been exposed to.

This is where a paraquat law firm with a proven track record can help. If you’ve lived near an industrial farm or worked on one and have since been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, our paraquat attorneys may be able to help you prove your case.

How much does a paraquat lawsuit cost?

When you work with The Lidji Firm, the legal team that represents you works on what’s known as a contingency basis, meaning you don’t have to pay any fees upfront or hourly rates. Your lawyer will receive a portion of the paraquat settlement or verdict results only if your case is successful.

Who is at risk of paraquat exposure?

Paraquat exposure predominantly affects:

  • Farmers, farmworkers, landscapers, and agricultural workers
  • Residents of rural areas near farmland sprayed with paraquat
  • Anyone who works with or around professional-grade pesticides

According to one 2012 study, people who use paraquat and have a certain genetic variation are 11 times more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease, making some more at risk from exposure than others.

If you’ve developed Parkinson’s after living near or working on an industrial farm, you may be entitled to compensation. Learn what legal options may be available to you by getting a free case review today.

What is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that can lead to uncontrollable shakiness, stiffness, and the general deterioration of motor-function abilities.

There is currently no cure for Parkinson’s disease, though there are treatments available that may help lessen some motor and non-motor symptoms.

Is there a link between paraquat and Parkinson’s disease?

Yes. Since the early 2000s, studies have shown paraquat to be linked to Parkinson’s disease. In fact, prolonged exposure to the herbicide can increase the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease by 200-600%, according to the Unified Parkinson’s Advocacy Council.

A comprehensive review of the medical literature on paraquat also shows that the rate of occurrence of Parkinson’s disease was 25% higher in individuals who were exposed to paraquat. The same study indicates that the longer one’s exposure to paraquat, the higher their chance of developing Parkinson’s disease.

How does paraquat cause Parkinson’s?

Paraquat can alter cell chemistry to the point of cell damage and death through a process called oxidative stress. When specific dopamine neuron cells in the brain are damaged and lose the ability to function properly, Parkinson’s disease may result.

Individuals can be subject to paraquat-induced parkinsonism by:

  • Coming into close proximity with recently sprayed plants
  • Accidentally getting paraquat on their skin or hair
  • Mixing, loading, or applying paraquat

Those with frequent and chronic exposure to the weed-killer may be more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease caused by paraquat.

Paraquat Lawsuit Lawyers at The Lidji Firm

The Lidji Firm has helped thousands of people over the last 30 years get the legal attention they deserve. While filing a legal claim may seem overwhelming, our lawyers can help you every step of the way.  Submit your case or call us at 800-223-7455, use our online chat via the website.

3M Military Earplugs Lawsuit Guide

3M Military Earplugs Lawsuit Guide | The Lidji Firm | Personal Injury Lawyer

The 3M Combat Arms double-ended earplugs were purchased by the U.S. military to solve a serious problem: Service-members getting hearing loss or damage. Conditions like tinnitus and complete or partial hearing loss in or both ears can be common in veterans.

As of 2017, more than 2.7 million veterans were receiving disability benefits for some kind of hearing loss or damage, and more than 20% of all vets who served between 2003 and 2015 are receiving disability benefits for hearing loss or damage.

The 3M earplugs were designed and marketed to the U.S. Department of Defense as a solution to this problem. The earplugs would securely fit inside the ears of service-members and prevent repeated loud noise from penetrating the ear canals and causing hearing damage.

The only problem is that they didn’t work. The 3M earplugs simply didn’t securely seal inside the ear canal. This led service members operating in noisy environments to suffer serious and often permanent hearing loss or damage.

The Lidji Firm attorneys are fighting for justice and compensation on behalf of veterans whose hearing was damaged while wearing 3M earplugs. Lawsuits against 3M are in progress across the country, and if you’re a veteran who suffered hearing loss or damage that can be attributed to 3M’s earplugs, you may be eligible for compensation, too.

A Potentially Dangerously Faulty Product

There is serious evidence suggesting that the manufacturers knew about the failures long before they became public. 3M has already paid a $9.1 million settlement to the Justice Department
to resolve allegations that they knew about the defects in the product and failed to warn the military. As part of the deal, 3M did not admit any liability and the Justice Department did not make a determination of liability.

The government’s lawsuit alleged that 3M employees knew about defects in the earplugs that prevented it from forming a tight seal as early as 2000, while the company was still selling them to the military as late as 2015. The earplugs are double-tipped with tips of slightly different size, and 3M claimed that by using one tip or the other, every single user would be able to find a perfect seal. Scores of civil lawsuits filed on behalf of service members make similar allegations.

Holding Them Accountable

We don’t think 3M should be able to get away with this. If you or a loved one served in the military and suffered hearing injuries while wearing 3M earplugs, we want to fight for you. You can call today or anytime for a free consultation, and if we take your case we will go to work for you with zero upfront costs or fees. You only pay if we win for you.

We’ve recovered millions for our clients to date, and we want to for you too.

We’re proud to put those resources to work for our members of the military. We’ve recovered millions for our clients to date, and we want to for you too. Call today.

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JUUL Vape Pen Lawyers Helping Families in Texas

JUUL Vaping Lawsuit | The Lidji Firm | Personal Injury Attorney | Dallas Houston Texas

Attorneys for Texas JUUL Vape Lawsuits | JUUL Child Addiction Lawyers Serving Texas

Marketed to teens and often perceived as a safe alternative to smoking, JUUL vape pens have been found to pose significant dangers and health risks to Texas residents. In addition to the well-known side effects of nicotine intake, vape pens can cause seizures and respiratory problems including popcorn lung. Additionally, the Surgeon General blames JUUL vape pens for a new wave of youth nicotine addiction, which leads to adult smoking and causes a variety of health problems. The FDA has identified vaping, particularly among teens, as a public health threat which has affected many Texas residents.

E-cigarettes represent a rapidly growing industry, with more than 20 million Americans now using vape pens. First released in the United States in 2007, e-cigarettes were not regulated by the FDA until 2016. JUUL, which dominates the market with a 70% market share, has been blamed for targeting Texas children and teens as well as for marketing the device in a manner that makes vaping seem completely removed from the risks of smoking. The e-cigarette market is expected to exceed $86 billion by the year 2025.

Today, JUUL faces serious questions from Texas residents regarding their marketing of vape pens. Persons and family members of persons in Texas who have been harmed by JUUL and other vape pens are now filing JUUL vape lawsuits against the manufacturers of these products. Seeking damages for JUUL youth nicotine addiction, seizure, and e-cig popcorn lung in Texas JUUL vape lawsuits aim to hold JUUL and other manufacturers accountable for product defects and failure to warn. For designing a product that looks more like a tech device than a cigarette, aggressively marketing JUUL as a lifestyle choice without warning of the health risks, and selling faulty vape pens that are prone to explosion, e-cig manufacturers must be held accountable for putting Texas teens and adults at risk for addiction, injuries, and serious health problems.

JUUL Vape Lawsuits for Texas Residents

Persons and family members of persons in Texas who have suffered from Vape pen side effects such as child vaping addiction, popcorn lung, or seizures may be entitled to compensation through filing vape pen lawsuits. Individuals who match this description are eligible for free, no-obligation case reviews with an attorney handling JUUL lawsuit claims for Texas residents. Vape pen lawsuits filed by Texas families against e-cigarette manufacturers are the most effective means to recover compensation and hold the company accountable for the harm these dangerous products have caused. Lawyers handling JUUL lawsuits for popcorn lung, child addiction, and seizure for Texas persons work on contingency, meaning you will never pay legal fees unless we win compensation for you. Read full Texas Vape pen lawsuit information from attorneys handling popcorn lung, seizure, and child vaping addiction claims from Texas plaintiffs.

JUUL Lawsuit FAQs for Texas Residents

This page provides answers to common questions about filing a vape pen lawsuit in Texas. Compiled by attorneys handling JUUL lawsuit claims for Texas residents, this information applies to most general questions regarding lawsuits against vape pen manufacturers for popcorn lung, seizures, and child vaping addiction. Our attorneys handling Texas vape pen lawsuit claims also offer free, no-obligation case consultation. If your questions are not answered by reading this page or you would prefer to speak directly with a lawyer handling JUUL vape pen lawsuits for Texas families, please complete our contact form. Read full Vape pen lawsuit questions and answers for Texas residents.

JUUL Vape Lawyers for Texas Claims

Our Vape pen attorneys serving Texas have a long track record of success against billion dollar corporations, winning compensation for individuals and families harmed by corporate negligence and greed. When a corporation appears to be profiting at the expense of consumer safety, our JUUL vape lawyer group for Texas claims sees it as our mission to pursue justice no matter how complex the case. Our attorneys handling vape addiction and JUUL seizure cases help Texas individuals recover the compensation they need and deserve, while holding companies accountable for wrongdoing and harm. Read full information from Vape pen attorneys for Texas claims against JUUL Labs.

JUUL Vape Lawsuits: Information for Texas Residents

Lawsuits for Texas JUUL Vape Popcorn Lung, Child Nicotine Addiction, and Seizure

If you or a loved one has suffered from health problems related to vape pen use in Texas, you may be eligible to file a vape problems lawsuit against the manufacturer. JUUL child addiction lawsuits and Texas vape pen popcorn lung claims allow persons and families harmed by JUUL vape pen side effects in Texas to seek compensation for the medical expenses, pain and suffering that have resulted from this dangerous device.

First released in the United States in 2007, e-cigarettes only came under FDA regulation in 2016. Little is known about the long-term impacts of vaping, but some clear vape problems have emerged. Both the U.S. Surgeon General and the FDA have been highly critical of JUUL for its approach to marketing, which establishes “juuling” as hip and cool. The number of youth and teen users has skyrocketed, with many vapers unaware that e-cigarettes contain nicotine. Texas families of underage users may be eligible to file a JUUL child addiction lawsuit against the manufacturer for its unethical marketing practices.

Respiratory problems are another side effect that has emerged. Because there is no smoke involved, many users mistakenly assume vaping is not harmful to the lungs. Persons in Texas having suffered from popcorn lung or another respiratory problem from vaping may be eligible to file a JUUL popcorn lung lawsuit.

Another unexpected danger of e-cigarette use is seizures resulting from nicotine poisoning. JUUL vape pens deliver three times the amount of nicotine permitted in the E.U. (and JUUL is not available in the E.U. due to this danger). The danger of JUUL seizures is currently under FDA investigation following numerous reports over the past decade.

Critics say JUUL and other vape pen companies had a duty to warn consumers of the risks associated with vape pens. Instead, vape pen manufacturers developed designs and flavors that appeal to kids (cotton candy, for example) and left out key warning information. Vaping has skyrocketed in recent years, with more than 20 million Americans now using vape pens, among them 20% of high school seniors. Meanwhile, adult users in Texas attempting to quit smoking aided by e-cigarettes may have experienced seizures or developed popcorn lung. The vaping industry is expected to exceed $86 billion by 2025; JUUL consistently leads the way with a 70% market share.

JUUL Vape Lawsuits: Information for Texas Residents

If you or a member of your family in Texas suffered from JUUL vape side effects such as seizures, popcorn lung, or child addiction, you may qualify to file a JUUL vape pen lawsuit to recover compensation for damages you have suffered as a result of this dangerous device. Filing a lawsuit is the only way to secure compensation for the pain, suffering, and loss that have resulted from JUUL and other vape pens. Our attorneys accept JUUL vape pen lawsuits from Texas residents and offer no-cost, no-obligation JUUL vape pen lawsuit case review for persons who match this description. To discuss your situation in detail with an attorney and to learn about JUUL vape pen lawsuit time limits in Texas, please complete our online contact form. One of our attorneys handling e-cig injury lawsuits for Texas will contact you promptly.

Texas JUUL Popcorn Lung, Child Addiction, Explosion Lawsuits Are Not Class Action Lawsuits

Many persons in Texas who have been harmed by nicotine poisoning, seizures, popcorn lung, or JUUL child addiction wonder if filing a JUUL vape pen lawsuit will result in meaningful compensation for their family. JUUL lawsuits from Texas will not be class action lawsuits in which those who file a claim can expect only a small, symbolic settlement. On the contrary, lawyers handling vape pen lawsuits originating in Texas believe persons and family members of persons who have suffered from popcorn lung, child addiction, or seizure may be entitled to significant compensation. JUUL lawsuits from Texas are likely to be consolidated as Multi-District Litigation (MDL), in which each claim will be handled on its own merit and compensation will be determined based on the degree of suffering of each plaintiff.

JUUL Vape Pen Lawsuits from Texas: No Fees Unless We Collect for You

We will represent all persons in Texas involved in a vape pen lawsuit on a contingency basis, meaning our lawyers never charge legal fees unless we win compensation in your case. For a free no-obligation consultation please fill out our short online contact form and one of our JUUL attorneys handing child nicotine addiction, popcorn lung, or vaping seizure cases from Texas will contact you to answer any of your questions.

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JUUL Vape Pen Lawyers Represent Texas Persons Harmed by JUUL Vape Pens

JUUL Vaping Lawsuit | The Lidji Firm | Personal Injury Attorney | Dallas Houston Texas

JUUL Vape Pen Attorneys Serving Texas Offer Free, No-Obligation JUUL Case Review

The JUUL vape pen lawyers serving Texas at The Lidji Firm have a distinguished track record, winning major cases against multinational corporations on behalf of Americans harmed by negligence and corporate greed. Our expert JUUL vape pen attorneys have experienced the aftereffects of numerous major drug and medical device recalls, helping our clients navigate difficult times in life by winning needed compensation. Cognizant of the grave nature of Texas JUUL vape pen lawsuits for child vaping addiction, seizures, and popcorn lung, this national law firm has dedicated its significant resources to giving our clients the best JUUL vape pen attorney representation available in Texas.

Our JUUL vape pen attorneys believe Texas persons and family members of Texas persons who have developed child nicotine addiction or suffered vape pen side effects such as seizures or popcorn lung may be eligible for real compensation for the pain, suffering, medical expenses, lost income and other damages suffered, by filing a claim against JUUL Labs. JUUL vape pens put Texas residents, particularly youth, at risk nicotine addiction, seizures, respiratory disease, and hampered brain development. JUUL Labs has been called out specifically by the FDA for intentionally marketing to teens, using fruity flavors, social media marketing, and a techy-product design to get the young generation hooked on nicotine through JUUL.

JUUL vape lawyers believe that filing lawsuits on behalf of Texas residents is the only effective means for persons and families in Texas harmed by JUUL to seek compensation caused by this dangerous e-cigarette device. In many cases, it takes the threat of major lawsuits and settlements to provoke a company to prioritize public health over profits. The vaping industry is projected to exceed $86 billion by 2025; JUUL Labs currently accounts for 70% of the vaping market. Our JUUL vape pen lawyers serving Texas are firmly resolved to obtain for clients the compensation they need and deserve.

Our JUUL vape pen attorneys for Texas claims are now offering free case reviews to persons who have suffered from JUUL problems or child nicotine addiction from vaping in Texas. The The Lidji Firm’s JUUL attorneys provide experienced legal representation without fee unless they collect for their clients.

No Fees Unless We Collect for You – Our Vape Pen Lawyers Represent Texas Clients on a Contingency Basis

We will represent all persons involved in a Texas JUUL lawsuit on a contingency basis, meaning there are never any legal fees unless we win compensation in your case. Anyone who developed popcorn lung, suffered injuries as a result of a seizure, or has a child who became addicted to JUUL vaping in Texas is eligible to receive a free, no-obligation case review from our attorneys. Simply contact our firm through the online contact form or the chat feature and one of our JUUL vape pen lawyers serving Texas will contact you promptly to discuss your case.

The Lidji Firm

The Lidji Firm, LLC is a Dallas, TX based national law firm specializing in personal injury. Handling serious injury and death claims across the country, our mission is the pursuit of justice, no matter how complex the case or strenuous the effort. The Lidji Firm has represented clients throughout Texas and the United States in pharmaceutical and medical device litigation such as Pradaxa, Lexapro, and Yasmin/Yaz, where the firm’s attorneys held significant leadership roles in the litigation, as well as Actos, DePuy, Risperdal, and others. The firm has represented thousands of persons in these and other product liability litigation, including DePuy hip replacement systems, which settled for $2.5 billion, and Pradaxa internal bleeding, which settled for $650 million. The Lidji Firm won over $300 million in four talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits in St. Louis to date and other law firms throughout the nation often seek its experience and expertise on complex litigation.

Contact The Lidji Firm today for an initial case review.
Website: Call: 800-BAD-PILL  (800)223-7455

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Texas JUUL Lawsuit Claim Frequently Asked Questions

JUUL Vaping Lawsuit | The Lidji Firm | Personal Injury Attorney | Dallas Houston Texas

Answers to Common JUUL Vape Pen Lawsuit Questions for Texas Residents

This page contains answers to common vape pen lawsuit questions that apply to most Texas JUUL claims for popcorn lung, vaping seizures, or child addiction to nicotine. To discuss your case in detail or ask specific questions related to your circumstances, contact our firm. Our team of attorneys handling JUUL vape pen lawsuit claims for Texas residents provides free, no obligation case review. Simply contact our firm and one of our experienced lawyers handling Texas vape pen lawsuit claims for seizures, popcorn lung, and child vaping will contact you in the near future to answer your questions, completely free of charge.

Who can make a Texas Vape pen injury claim or file a JUUL child nicotine addiction lawsuit?

Any person or family member of a person in Texas who has suffered from popcorn lung, seizure, or child nicotine addiction while using JUUL or a similar e-cigarette or vape pen may be eligible to make a claim by filing a vape pen lawsuit against JUUL or another e-cig manufacturer.

What does it cost to file a Vape pen lawsuit for Texas residents?

We are committed to representing all Texas persons involved in a JUUL lawsuit on a contingency basis, meaning there are never any legal fees unless we win compensation in your case. To access your free, no-obligation consultation, use the online chat feature or contact form on this site. One of our lawyers handling JUUL lawsuits in Texas for seizure, popcorn lung, or child vaping addiction will contact you to answer any of your questions.

Aren’t most drug and products liability lawsuits just class action lawsuits where the plaintiff receives very little money?

Texas vape pen injury lawsuit claims are likely to be consolidated with other claims from around the nation as MDL, or Multi-District Litigation, where each plaintiff receives a settlement based upon the individual injuries and damages incurred by each plaintiff. This process increases the efficiency of processing vast numbers of cases against a corporation, all related to one dangerous drug.

Who is most at risk for developing popcorn lung in Texas?

There are no particular factors that result in one Texas person developing popcorn lung instead of another. Instead, popcorn lung cases have been linked to particular brands of vape pen, based on the chemical makeup of the aerosol compound.

What is the case for Texas JUUL child nicotine addiction lawsuits?

The particular points brought against JUUL regarding child nicotine addiction include both the company’s marketing approach and its failure to warn of the risks of nicotine addiction. JUUL vape pens are carefully designed to look like a USB drive and the vapor is nearly invisible, making JUUL use difficult for parents and teachers to detect. A wide array of flavors was developed, including cotton candy, cupcake, bubble gum, and marshmallow appealed to young people, and the company’s marketing strategy centered around the youth-dominated Instagram and Facebook. Critics say these factors mean JUUL was preying on Texas children for profits.

Does it cost anything for you to review my case?

We will always listen to your circumstances and give you our analysis of your case without any cost or further obligation.

We’re not the type of people who sue; do we really need to file a lawsuit?

If a member of your family suffered a serious injury or health problem as a result of a defective product or dangerous drug, long-term, or even lifelong, medical care may be required. This could be incredibly expensive and since medical costs are continually rising may be largely unknown at the time of settlement or trial. If a member of your family died due to a defective product or dangerous drug, no amount of money can undo that wrong. It is our fervent hope that every defective products, drug or other medication lawsuit we file can serve to make the manufacturer take note of the loss and pain its product has caused. When that fails to make a company take action in the form of a product recall, greater warnings about its use and ultimately making safer products, we rely on their profit motivation to make them do the right thing. Unfortunately, in all too many cases it is only the fear of lawsuits and large settlements and verdicts that makes a company become a better corporate citizen.

Who is at risk for seizure from JUUL vaping in Texas?

Anyone in Texas who uses JUUL vape pens may be at risk for seizures. The FDA is currently investigating a number of reports it has received of JUUL causing seizures. Experts suggest JUUL seizures are caused by nicotine poisoning; this particular e-cigarette contains more nicotine in a single pod of vape liquid than an entire pack of cigarettes.

Are there time limits that apply to Texas residents seeking to file a JUUL vape pen lawsuit?

Most states have e-cigarette lawsuit time limits; however, the majority of all persons having used JUUL or another vape pen in Texas will fall within those time limits if they contact an attorney in the near future. For specific time limits for your claim, please fill out the form at right and one of our attorneys will contact you as quickly as possible, usually within the hour.

Download a Guide for JUUL Lawsuit with The Lidji Firm

E-Cigarette: JUUL

JUUL Vaping Lawsuit | The Lidji Firm | Personal Injury Attorney | Dallas Houston Texas


Electronic cigarettes, popularly known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, or vape pens, are devices that resemble the practice of common tobacco smoking. The device is electrical in nature and mostly consists of a power source such as a battery, a heating element, an atomizer, a mouthpiece, and a place to hold a liquid such as a cartridge or a tank.

E-cigarettes are classified as electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), and most of the versions are reusable. It comes in various designs, and some resemble regular cigarettes, cigars, pipes, pens, USB sticks, and other everyday items.

How Does It Work?

The atomizer present in the device transforms the e-liquid, fluid present in the cartridge, into an aerosol, commonly called vapor. It is either activated by taking a puff or pressing a button. The aerosol is inhaled by the users into the lungs, and the bystanders can also breathe it when exhaled. 

The use of an e-cigarette is often termed as “vaping.” The aerosol consists of nicotine, an addictive central nervous system (CNS) stimulant found in regular cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products, flavorings, and other chemicals. The composition varies and is influenced by several factors, which also includes user behavior.

Harmful Composition Of Aerosol:

  • Nicotine
  • Cancer-causing chemicals
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Heavy metals such as nickel, tin, and lead
  • Ultrafine particles that can be inhaled deep into the lungs
  • Flavoring such as diacetyl, a chemical linked to serious lung disease


JUUL is the most popular e-cigarette in the U.S. manufactured by Juul Labs, Inc., an American electronic cigarette company. The company holds 97 percent of the e-cigarette market, and the rest is covered by Vuse, MarkTen, Blu, and Logic. Around 75 percent of all e-cigarettes sold in the U.S. are manufactured by Juul.

The company entered the market in 2015, and as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each JUUL pod contains a nicotine level of 20 regular cigarettes, which is higher than other e-cigarettes. JUUL is popular among teens and young adults due to its sleek design and nicotine level. Due to its dominance, the term Juuling is also popular among users.

Common Side Effects:

  • Coughing
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry mouth and throat
  • Mouth and throat irritation

Serious Alleged Injuries May Include:

  • Strokes
  • Seizures
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Respiratory Failure
  • Decreased Immunity
  • Increased Risk Of Coronary Vascular Disease
  • Bronchiolitis Obliterans Organizing Pneumonia (BOOP)
  • Increased Or Worsening Of Pre-Existing Nicotine Addiction
  • E-Cigarette Or Vaping Product Use-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI)

FDA Safety Warnings:

  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked all manufacturers of e-cigarettes to apply for approval for the continuation of the product products in the United States until September 9, 2020.
  • April 2018: The FDA started a series of measures to reduce vaping among youths and launched an investigation.
  • November 2018: The FDA announced restrictions on the sale of flavored e-cigarette vape fluids.
  • August 2019: The FDA notified four companies to remove 44 flavored e-cigarette fluids and hookah tobaccos from sale in the United States.
  • September 9, 2019: The FDA issued a warning letter to Juul Labs for its marketing practices.
  • January 2, 2020: Following the outbreak of e-cigarette lung injury, the FDA announced a ban on almost all flavored vaping cartridges and pods.

Legal Updates:


Juul Labs, Inc.

Defendant Law Firm:

  • Gregory P. Stone, Daniel B. Levin, Bethany W. Kristovich, and John M. Gildersleeve of Munger Tolles & Olson LLP.
  • Renee D. Smith and Peter A. Farrell of Kirkland & Ellis LLP.


Currently, more than 900 product liability and class action complaints are filed throughout the U.S. District Court system, each claiming that the teens and young adults have been left with nicotine addiction problems from JUUL vaping pods, including false and misleading advertisements.

Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee:

  • Rachel Abrams – Levin Simes Abrams
  • Erin Dickinson – Crueger Dickinson
  • Michelle Drake – Berger Montague
  • Jonathan Gdanski – Schlesinger
  • Adam J. Gutride – Gutride Safier LLP
  • Bradley D. Honnold – Goza & Honnold, LLC
  • Emily Jeffcott – Morgan & Morgan
  • Kristine Kraft – Schlichter Bogard & Denton, LLP
  • Esfand Y. Nafisi – Migliaccio & Rathod LLP
  • Matt Schultz – Levin Papantonio
  • Sabita J. Soneji – Tycko & Zavareei LLP
  • Joseph Vanzandt – Beasley Allen Law Firm 
  • Mikal C. Watts – Watts Guerra LLP
  • Michael M. Weinkowitz – Levin Sedran & Berman LLP

Lawsuit Status: 

JUUL injury lawsuits are being prepared for early bellwether trials, which are expected to begin in early 2022.

MDL Status: 

MDL No.: 2913

(In Re: Juul Labs, Inc. Marketing, Sales Practices & Products Liability Litigation)

On October 2, 2019, the United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation issued an order transferring cases to the Northern District of California for coordinated or consolidated pretrial proceedings before Judge William H. Orrick.

Important Verdicts & Settlements: Currently there are no settlements made.


  • Duration Of Usage
  • Indication Of Usage In Medical Records
  • Evidence Of Injury In Follow Up Medical Records

Medical Record Review and claim validation of E-Cigarette: JUUL case should take approximately 3 hours in most instances; however, this approximation may vary in cases based on the volume of records.

Contact The Lidji Firm today for an initial case review.
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JUUL E-Cigarette Lawsuit

JUUL Vaping Lawsuit | The Lidji Firm | Personal Injury Attorney | Dallas Houston Texas

Juul E-Cigarette Lawsuit Overview

The Juul e-cigarette lawsuits allege that the manufacturer of Juul devices deceptively marketed the highly concentrated nicotine delivery system to teens and young adults to get them addicted to the company’s products. Through these marketing practices, people who had no prior smoking experience were led to believe that Juul usage provided a safer smoking alternative.

If you or your child became addicted to nicotine as a result of using Juul, an accomplished mass torts attorney could fight to recover damages on your behalf. Call now to see if you have a case.

What Consumers Need To Know About JUUL Lawsuits

Electronic cigarettes, also known as vaping products, e-cigs and e-cigarettes, are designed to mimic the appearance of cigarettes, USB flash drivers, written pens, and other commonly used products. These devices contain a liquid featuring high concentrations of nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol, and flavoring. The heating coils and battery in the Juul device heat the liquid, causing it to become an aerosol that can be inhaled.

Vaping products are officially referred to as electronic nicotine delivery systems, or ENDS. Juul products are the among most common types being utilized by e-cigarette consumers. The Juul delivery system, known as a pod, has an appearance similar to a flash drive and contains dangerously high quantities of nicotine.

In fact, just one Juul pod features the same amount of nicotine as an entire pack of regular cigarettes. Furthermore, because Juul pods contain such a significant concentration of nicotine, the body absorbs the nicotine at a much higher rate than it would through traditional smoking.

Is JUUL Harmful?

There are numerous reasons for Juul’s ability to saturate the already flooded e-cigarette market and become a premier brand for e-cigarettes, but among the foremost factor is Juul Labs’ widely successful marketing. Through the company’s advertising efforts, Juul successfully promoted its product as a safe alternative to using traditional cigarettes and an effective method to quit smoking.

However, recent studies have revealed that the additives and chemical agents contained in e-cigarettes could inflict serious damage to the lungs. In addition, the high concentration of nicotine contained in each Juul pod is another concerning issue, and one of the matters at the crux of lawsuits concerning Juul e-cigarettes.

According to the American Lung Association, there’s growing evidence of the health hazards of e-cigarettes on the lungs, including lung disease and irreversible lung damage. The Association has called upon the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on numerous occasions to increase their scrutiny and oversight of e-cigarette products to protect youth.

Signs of Nicotine Poisoning

The FDA has been sent numerous reports regarding users of Juul, mainly young adults and teenagers, who have become addicted to these devices. Some individuals have even suffered convulsions and seizures due to nicotine poisoning and toxicity. Common symptoms of nicotine poisoning include:

  • Convulsions
  • Blood clots
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Embolisms
  • Joint Pain
  • Heart injuries
  • Strokes
  • Seizures

Various e-cigarette lawsuits, as well as government agencies, have accused Juul of targeting young and underage consumers through its advertising to promote nicotine addiction in a new generation. When the company first began to market Juul products in 2017 and 2018, ads depicted young people enjoying the products in a range of settings. Juul marketed extensively through social media to its younger audience, touting its flavors such as crème, fruit, and mint.

The e-cigarette lawsuits further claim that Juul intentionally created a sleek, compact device with high nicotine concentration that expedited the delivery of nicotine to the user. The device was so small that it could fit in the palm of someone’s hand, and the nicotine did not product a foul odor, allowing Juul to market these e-cigarettes to a younger generation as being safer than traditional cigarettes.

JUUL Injuries and Known Side Effects

Besides the hazards associated with nicotine poisoning and addiction, studies have found numerous other health hazards connected to vaping. The Journal of Pediatrics released a study in 2018 revealing the carcinogenic impact of the flavoring agents used in vape juice to create the fruit flavors. These flavoring chemicals feature toluene, an ingredient featured in commercial adhesives and paint thinners, the embalming fluid formaldehyde, acrolein, which is used to kill algae and plant blooms in water treatment ponds and irrigation canals, and the buttery flavor diacetyl.

These chemicals could lead to the development of a serious, irreversible lung diseases called bronchiolitis obliterans, also known as popcorn lung. Signs of popcorn lung include shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing, mimicking the symptoms associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Also, when heated, vaping products could produce heavy metal particles such as nickel, lead, chromium, manganese, and cadmium, which can all become lodged in the lung tissue. Certain vape liquids feature nitrosamines, which have been linked to cancer.

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Court upholds Monsanto cancer verdict but further slashes award

Monsanto Cancer | Blog | The LIDJI Law Firm | Personal Injury Attorney | Dallas Houston Texas

Roundup weed-killing products are offered for sale at a home improvement store in Dallas.


A California appeals court on Monday upheld a groundbreaking verdict that Monsanto’s widely used weed killer caused cancer in a school groundskeeper, but the panel also slashed the damage award from $78.5 million to $21.5 million — less than one-tenth the original amount.

The 1st District Court of Appeal said there was evidence to support a California jury’s 2018 decision that “Monsanto acted with a conscious disregard for public safety,” but it reduced the damages to Dewayne Johnson of Vallejo because state law doesn’t allow damages for reduced life expectancy, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The original San Francisco Superior Court jury found that St. Louis-based Monsanto had purposely ignored warnings and evidence that glyphosate, the active ingredient in its popular Roundup and Ranger Pro products, causes cancer.

Johnson, then 46, alleged that his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma was caused by his years of spraying Ranger Pro on school grounds in Benicia.

Jurors awarded Johnson $289.2 million, but a judge later reduced the punitive damages, knocking down the total to $78.5 million.

In further reducing the total award to $21.5 million, the appellate court ruled 3-0 that state law entitled Johnson only to compensation for future harm that he was “reasonably certain” to suffer. He had been given only two to three years to live.

Monsanto’s ethics are questionable, but the $289-million verdict against it is still unjustified
Aug. 16, 2018

R. Brent Wisner, a lawyer for Johnson, said the ruling was an overall victory but faulted the court for reducing the damage award.

“This effectively rewards a defendant for killing a plaintiff, as opposed to just injuring him,” Wisner told the Chronicle.

Bayer, the German corporation that owns Monsanto, called the reduction “a step in the right direction” but said the appellate panel should have thrown out the verdict and said it may appeal to the California Supreme Court.

“We continue to stand strongly behind the safety and utility of Roundup, a position supported by four decades of extensive science and favorable assessments by leading health regulators worldwide,” the company said in a statement.

Bayer pours $5.6 billion into weedkillers that are not Monsanto’s Roundup
June 14, 2019

Johnson’s case against Monsanto was the first such in the U.S. to reach trial. Thousands of lawsuits have been filed by people alleging that they got cancer from using Monsanto’s weed killers.

More than $110 million was awarded in two other San Francisco Bay Area lawsuits over Roundup. Those verdicts are being appealed.

Last month, Bayer announced that it would settle other lawsuits by paying nearly $10 billion to as many as 125,000 people. If you need help with your roundup lawsuit, contact the top personal injury Law Firm, The Lidji Firm. 800-Bad-Pill or

Onion Salmonella Newport Outbreak in Utah Sickens 61

Onion Salmonella Newport Outbreak | Blog | The LIDJI Law Firm | Personal Injury Attorney | Dallas Houston Texas

Salmonella Newport outbreak linked to contaminated onions has sickened 61 people in Utah, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The illnesses are part of a larger outbreak that has sickened hundreds in 33 other states and Canada. Fifty-nine people have been hospitalized.

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For weeks, health officials have been working to discover the food source of the rapidly growing outbreak. The breakthrough came this week when Canadian health officials discovered a link between illnesses in that country and foods containing red onions supplied by Sysco. The company issued a recall of Imperial Fresh brand red onions that were distributed in Canada to food service

establishments, restaurants, retailers, distributors, manufacturers and institutions including long-term care facilities.

Working with Canadian health officials, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was able to trace back the source of the illnesses in the U.S. to onions supplied by Thomson Internation Inc. of Bakersfield, CA. On August 1, 2020, Thomson issued a recall for red, white and yellow onions sold under a variety of brand names (including Imperial Fresh) and in various sizes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is advising consumers not to eat foods containing onions if they do not know for certain that the onions were not supplied by Thompson.

Symptoms of a Salmonella infection include diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever. These symptoms usually develop between six and 72 hours of exposure.  If you developed these symptoms after eating onions or products containing them such as sandwiches, wraps, salads, and dips, see a  healthcare provider and get tested.

In the U.S., cases have been reported from the following 34 states. Fifty-nine people were so sick they needed to be hospitalized. The number of cases reported form each state are: AK (6), AZ (14), CA (49), CO (10), FL (3), ID (5), IL (10), IN (2), IA (15), KS (1), KY (1), ME (4), MD (1), MI (23), MN (10), MO (6), MT (33), NE (5), NV (5), NY (4), NC (3), ND (5), OH (7), OR (71), PA (2), SC (1), SD (11), TN (5), TX (1), UT (61), VA (4), WA (2), WI (5), WY (11).

Utah is one of the states hardest hit by the outbreak, which includes people who range in age from less than 1 to 102 years old. They reported symptoms of Salmonella infection, which include diarrhea, nausea, fever and abdominal cramps on dates ranging from June 19 to July 12.

If you have been sickened in this outbreak and would like a free consultation with an experienced Salmonella lawyer, please contact the Lidji Firm Salmonella Legal Team. We have represented clients in every major Salmonella outbreak in the U.S.  You can reach us by calling 800-223-7455, sending a text to 214-218-4064, or by completing the form below. There is no obligation and we don’t get paid unless we win.

PFAS Contamination and Exposure Lawsuits

PFAS Contamination and Exposure Lawsuits | Blog | The LIDJI Law Firm | Personal Injury Attorney | Dallas Houston Texas

The Lidji Firm attorneys are investigating claims regarding neighborhoods, households, and individuals getting exposed to a dangerous and persistent class of chemicals called PFAS. 

PFAS is the generic name given to a category of thousands of chemical compounds which all share a common denominator: they’re made of extremely strong and durable chemical bonds.  If these chemicals ever leak, they tend to stick around for a very long time. 

PFAS “forever chemicals” are linked to serious health conditions when absorbed by humans, whether via food and water supply or by exposure through the air and dust. These conditions include various forms of cancer, liver damage, thyroid damage, decreased fertility, high cholesterol, and many others.

The Lidji Firm is fighting to hold the industries and organizations that let leaking PFAS chemicals contaminate our neighborhoods, as well as our food and water supply, accountable. If your home or neighborhood has been exposed to PFAS, or if you or a loved one has a health condition that can be linked to PFAS, call today for your free consultation. You might be eligible for compensation. Below is a suspected contamination map.

Commonly Used, Commonly Leaked 

Many industries use PFAS chemicals for a wide variety of uses, including the manufacture of non-stick coatings, paint, cleaning products and firefighting foam. The widespread manufacture and use of these products creates a lot of opportunity for the chemicals to be released into the air, into the ground, and into water. 

This contamination tends to happen slowly over time, but because of the uniquely durable nature of PFAS chemicals, the first rounds of leaks and contamination do not fade away. Instead, the leaks and contaminations steadily build up, posing more and more of a health threat. 

Many companies who have used PFAS did not take the necessary steps to prevent leaks and contamination, and many companies are failing to take those steps to this day. Government regulators have taken steps to address this, including a planned phaseout of certain PFAS chemicals, as well as new proposed limits on other PFAS chemicals to be enforced by the EPA

Legal Action Already In Progress

Individuals, communities, and governments across the country have been suing companies that leaked PFAS chemicals since 2010. Major lawsuits include:

  • The State of Minnesota sued 3M for alleged PFAS leaks in the Twin Cities area. They settled for $850 million in 2018. 
  • Alabama water authorities sued 3M and Daikin America, Inc. and settled for $4 million. 
  • Thousands of West Virginia residents sued DuPont and The Chemours Company over hundreds upon hundreds of serious health conditions that were linked to PFAS contamination. The suit was settled for $921 million. 
  • New York and North Carolina state governments and authorities are currently pursuing legal action against companies that use PFAS chemicals. 

We Want to Fight For You 

If you, your loved ones, or your neighborhood is suffering from the effects of PFAS contamination, our team of attorneys is here for you. Give us a call right away for your 100% free and zero-obligation consultation; if we take your case, you don’t pay anything unless we win for you. 

The Lidji Firm has been fighting for the rights of Americans harmed by negligent corporations for decades. We’re ready to fight for you too. 


How long can PFAS chemicals survive in the ground? 

Between two and 10 years. This means that the chemicals have a long time to concentrate to dangerous levels and contaminate the water, air, and plant-life (including fruits and vegetables that we eat or that feed the livestock we eat) around them. 

Do I need to be sick to file a claim?

No. We are pursuing a wide array of cases against PFAS contaminators, including environmental claims. So even if you or a loved one isn’t suffering from a PFAS-related illness, you can still pursue a claim for environmental contamination of your neighborhood or specific property. 

How do I know if my area has been contaminated?

Using your favorite web browser or search engine, search “PFAS contamination” and the name of your city. If there’s any mention of PFAS contamination, give us a call so we can investigate further. 

How do I know if my illness is linked to PFAS? 

If you or a loved one is suffering from cancer, liver damage, thyroid damage, decreased fertility, or high cholesterol, and your area is known to be contaminated with PFAS, your illness might be linked. Give us a call at 800-223-7455 so we can help clarify further.